Where to buy luxury designer mini shoulder bag phone bags

Where to buy luxury designer mini shoulder bag phone bags

Where to buy luxury designer mini shoulder bag phone bags


Every day you have to take the subway to and from get off work, and the subway requires security inspections. Sometimes there are many people in a long line. It is very annoying when you are in a hurry. So I decided to buy a mini shoulder bag, put some money, and just use the key mobile phone paper towels, everyone. Is there anything to recommend, you can recommend it to me

There are about three situations when I travel: shorts and slippers, going for a walk, and reloading.

Due to the closure of the school due to the epidemic, most of the time I stay in school. The most alternately used in class is the backpack. I don’t like to hold things with my hands when I walk, so I use lipstick, keys, power banks, mobile phones and some odds and ends. The broken things are stuffed into the backpack.

On weekends, I occasionally shop, eat, or sweep the streets. A power bank is essential when you go out. Bring paper towels, keys, disposable hand sanitizer, and put it in your backpack... it's a big deal. , It will not cause too much burden.

For Alan, whose home office is the norm, "commuting" in the conventional sense is actually relatively very small: in fact, in addition to my own passion for cycling, the occasional cycling scene at work is going out for The equipment in hand is used to shoot samples, and the distance from the fixed place where I used to shoot is usually within 10-20KM of the board.

Having said that, for Alan, who loves to use motorcycles as a riding vehicle (even in winter), the backpack for quickly picking up the equipment is actually only a shoulder bag while the riding difference is waiting for the traffic light. A small amount (this is why most riders choose to carry an extra backpack when riding). At the same time, you can also insert a camera bag to use when parking and shooting.