Louis Vuitton iPhone 12 Pro case $529, redefining luxury

Louis Vuitton iPhone 12 Pro case $529, redefining luxury

Louis Vuitton iPhone 12 Pro case $529, redefining luxury


It’s an indisputable fact that mobile phones are getting more expensive. For Apple, not only the price of mobile phones is higher, but also the included charger was cancelled on iPhone 12 for the first time. The official 20W charger is priced as high as $19, attracting a lot of attention. Make complaints. In fact, it is not just the charger, the price of Apple's official accessories has always been relatively high. For example, a MagSafe transparent protective case can be sold for $59, and a small MagSafe leather card case can be sold for $69!

Many people think that an accessory that dares to sell so expensive is really a luxury. I spent 19 yuan to buy a third-party 20-watt PD head, isn't it fragrant? In fact, there is another brand that dared to sell iPhone cases for $529, redefining luxury goods, and it is LV.

Recently, I saw an iPhone 12 Pro case on LV's official website, and its price is as high as $529. This mobile phone case uses black calfskin as the raw material, and uses Monogram Eclipse canvas to create a fashionable appearance. At the same time, it has a soft microfiber lining to protect the phone from scratches.

In terms of functionality, this phone case is also a card case, which can hold small things like bank cards and receipts, and the practicality is also wrong. In terms of appearance, the card holder adopts LV's most classic old flower pattern, with the LV logo in the middle, which is the finishing touch. In addition to being expensive, the author thinks that the design of this phone case is not very reasonable, because the LV logo is under the phone case, so when I hold the phone, the palm of my hand just blocks the LV logo, then how can anyone know what I am using? Is it a $529 LV phone case?

In contrast, many third-party customized LV mobile phones understand the consumer's psychology very well in terms of appearance design. For example, this LV customized mobile phone (not an official LV work) launched by the Aiding family. In terms of appearance, it has a strong luxury style. In order to ensure the quality, the Aiding family chose to buy leather goods from LV official channels, and then cut them manually and insert them on the back of the phone. In the choice of patterns, the Aiding family chose the most classic LV presbyopia pattern. Presbyopia has a history of more than 120 years since its birth. The fashion circle has been changing, but the presbyopia will never be out of date. This is the power of classics. .

If you only inlay presbyopic leather goods, it is still a bit contrary. The Aiding family moved their minds on the frame. Through the three-dimensional carving process, the frame was carved with a 360-degree auspicious cloud texture, and it was plated with 24K gold. What's more outrageous is that there are 127 South African diamonds inlaid on the camera, logo, volume button, etc. The whole machine looks full of luxury.

Because it includes the cost of mobile phones, leather goods, diamonds, etc., plus manual inlay cutting, etc., it can only be sold in limited quantities. The iPhone 12 LV version starts at $4100. In the message, do you think the $4100 cell phone or the $539 mobile phone case are more acceptable to you? What do you think of luxury goods?